My Bucket List

Just before the lockdown I made a Bucket List but, because of my involuntary incarceration, have only managed to complete a couple of items.  I can hear some of you right now saying, “what the heck is that?” Quite simply . .

A Bucket List is a list of things to do before you die . . . or, ‘kick the bucket’. It was made popular from the film called ‘The Bucket List‘ where two terminally ill guys (Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson) meet in a hospital and then set out on an adventure to try and do everything on their lists.


Detecting used to be a simple endeavour. Today it appears to be a major undertaking that ends with videos, credits and previews.

A brain fart by Dick Stout of Stout Standards – slightly adapted for the English digger

When others tell me about their list I can only dream. Most – if not all – are not possible to me. If only I was ten years younger! Go on a safari; ride a hot air balloon; Swim with dolphins; lose some weight are just some of the examples. If you have a list tell me about it.

My List

  1. Smoke a tab. I know it’s frowned upon today but, at my age, I don’t give a monkey’s. DONE
  2. Get a tattoo. Was arranged on my birthday. 
  3. Dye my beard. 
  4. Sort out my affairs. I have the time, but lack the effort.
  5. Booked to go to the theatre to see ‘The Mousetrap’. CANCELLED
  6. Visit Brighton Pier and eat fish and chips.
  7. Try to think positivelyDIFFICULT – but making the effort.
  8. Visit Durham – ‘Land of my Fathers’ and to see my sisters’
  9. Wear a wig occasionally.  DONE
  10. Attend an organised detecting rally – as an observer.


1: The first picture is rather evocative, don’t you think? Always fancied a Noel Coward type smoking jacket. I have Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS), and after smoking that tab my legs stopped shaking for about 20 minutes. I was almost tempted to take it up as a new hobby!

2: The tattoo of my caricature will still take place – when we can travel and the situation is back to ‘normal’ – whatever the ‘new normal’ happens to be. Where will I stick it? Don’t answer that! I tried a temporary one on my forehead. Thought it said, Go with the Flo, but I was mistaken. Can you see what it says? What does that mean?

3 : This was a fun time. After I was ‘done’ dying ( I assure you that the colour was easily washed out ), Mrs John liked it so much, she dyed her hair pink! My hair and beard are rather untidy. We have been under lockdown for a long, long time.

4: Getting my affairs in order. As latter life approaches, it’s always a good thing to plan ahead for the future. You see, I’m thinking positively!

5: I was looking forward to the theatre visit, but COVID-19 scuppered that adventure. We were given vouchers and will make alternative arrangements when the time is right and theatres back in business.

6: I have fond memories of Brighton. Very cosmopolitan; I liked mooching in the Lanes.

7: I try to smile more, not be a worry, be more compassionate, less judgmental, more blessed and less stressed. More love, less hate.

8: My formative years were spent in Durham County and I still regard it as my home. Attended school, technical college and worked down the coal mine. Met my wife at Durham University.

9: The wig was purchased from an up-market charity shop in Aylesbury. I was in there with three shrieking females who were trying on different hairpieces. I refused of course; beneath my dignity. Unknown to me Mrs. John had secreted one in her handbag, and presented it to me the next day. Inscribed inside was the name Rquel Welch. I kid you not! I wear it most days ‘cos I don’t just look younger, but resemble a handsome Scandinavian playwright . . . so I’ve been told.

10: Ages since I attended an organised dig. The last one was when I fell over and rescued by Dave Philips . Little did I know then, but it was the start of all my problems . . .


I hope that you have enjoyed this ‘different’ post. There may be more of this type – sans metal detecting – in the future

26 thoughts on “My Bucket List

  1. I enjoyed this one John.. as I get older, and a bit more infirm, I am thinking back, realizing what I have and have not done..There are a few things on my ‘bucket list’ to be accomplished too.

    But as regards #6a.. you might try those chips slathered in enough cheese curds and gravy to make the arteries immediately call out and surrender.. LOL.. It is a Canuck thing called poutine.. and in spite of the rather unfortunate image it puts into your mind, it really is quite delicious..

    And here I thought the wig was going to to be shoulder length with a poster behind saying 1,000,000 B.C. Again LOL


    Liked by 1 person

    1. That wig was just as rehearsal. A more luxuriant one is a possibility.
      The poutine sounds good.
      I love this line “. . . chips slathered in enough cheese curds and gravy to make the arteries immediately call out and surrender”


  2. “Go With The Slow” Hahahahaha……. somebody has a sense of humour!

    Picture number 1 looks like it’s a scene from an Alfred Hitchcock movie or something, I love it!

    Although I do think you’ll be hard pressed to beat picture number 9, and that Philip Seymour Hoffman look. LOL…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ‘Go with the Slow’ is my saying of the moment.
      Dunno exactly what it means but it sounds good..
      Picture No. 1 is very atmospheric, but the one with the wig is also one of my favourites. I wasn’t aware of Hoffman, so checked him out. Like me – nah!


  3. I don’t have a bucket list but I know how I want to die … I want to be shot in bed when I,m a hundred by a jealous husband …

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  4. Don’t forget to bring your camera with you when you visit your homeland Ludworth in the “Land Of The Prince Bishops”.
    Durham is like a ghost town at present so wait until this custody and confinement is over and done with.
    Keep scribbling

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This ‘BLOGSHITTER’ will try to keep scribbling.
      Alas, returning to Durham is just a pipe dream.

      The phrase ‘pipe dream’ is an allusion to the dreams experienced by smokers of opium pipes. Opiates were widely used by the English literati in the 18th and 19th centuries.


  5. I notice on your slide show that one of the blokes shown is carrying a garden fork as well as a spade. Is that unusual? ( always a pick here in Oz.)
    I like the version of you with the wig but don’t think those smokes will help you walk in a straight line.

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  6. Hi JW it’s Mal, love the new format and your scribblings.
    Not got a bucket list myself yet but if I did be too many things on it and not enough time to do them.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Tab Wintersen, the handsome Scandinavian playwright. …or wasn’t he the detectorist who dug to the centre of the earth cos he didn’t ground balance properly? Nice to see you tripping the light fandango! Go for it John! Cheers!

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