For Detectorists Who Just Whine on … and on … and on

A couple of things were the catalyst for this blog post. The first was from a friend of mine bemoaning the fact that whenever he visited detecting sites, it seemed to be the same ‘hard core group’ keeping the forum active – and that’s true. I have often seen that Administrators urge people to contribute more.

The other, from the mouth of a serial whiner was a terse, “There are too many bloody blogs.”

Nice alliteration!

Self Doubts

I pointed out that the core group on any forum were usually the retired, the unemployed and those with time on their hands – for whatever reason. Other, younger detectorists, are busy working, earning a crust, raising a family, and coping with a myriad of other tasks, including getting on with their lives. They don’t have the same luxury as us wrinklies … and that ‘commodity’ is TIME. And, although I try to keep myself busy, I’ve still got a surplus of that! One thing I do with this bonus is maintain my blog – about the ONLY thing I can do. I enjoy writing about and keeping up with the hobby and, I suppose, that has always been the point.

December 2010 was my rather hesitant foray into the blogosphere and I wasn’t really sure what I was doing there – apart from giving me that purpose in life. In the early days I talked with Dick Stout about why we kept a blog. He summed it up admirably in a well-written blog …

“I’ve often thought that blogging was a self-centred way to promote yourself, but I find it creative and fun, in that I try to pass on things about the metal detecting pastime that I’ve learned over the years, and in the process, try to get a laugh or two out of my subscribers. Dick.

Along with many of you who leave the occasional response on my blog, Dick has kept me going in periods of self-doubt and I thank him, but perhaps I owe more to Bacchus, the Roman god of the grape harvest … or should that be the Greek god Dionysus? In Greek mythology, in addition to being the god of wine, he was also a champion of ritual madness! Yup! He’s more my kind of guy.

>>> Statue of Dionysus. Marble, 2nd century – found in Italy. Unknown artist.

Red Wine Increases Cancer Risk

Call it what you like, the nectar of the gods, the blood of Christ or vin ordinaire, the thrice-blessed child of sun, soil and grape is what helps keeps me going. I say ‘bollocks’ to Britain’s top doctor, hectoring bore Dame Sally Davies who urged people to consider the risk of getting cancer every time they have a drink. This is contrary to what I have always understood. Later she retracted her earlier statement. Bottom line: NOT drinking is the safest choice.

I’ve already made up my mind. No contest.

The Romans and Wine

“In Rome, wine was drank at every meal, making one wonder if a modern day Roman would pour Chardonnay into his Cocoa Puffs. Even slaves, who were thought to exist on the same spectrum as mongrel dogs, were allowed to drink wine. A life of servitude, to the Romans, seemed reasonable, but a life without wine was out of the question; it was simply preposterous.” Read more entertaining and interesting facts at savoreachglass.

At this stage – eleven years on – I am not absolutely sure what I should be doing on here and what the content will be. Is it simply an exercise in self-congratulation or something much more than that?

Contrary to current thinking, you’ll be delighted to know that drinking wine doesn’t make you fat. I’ve discovered that it makes you lean: against tables, chairs, floors, walls and people!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

10 thoughts on “For Detectorists Who Just Whine on … and on … and on

  1. I used to drink, John.. red wine was recommended by my [at that time, nephrologist after mu first bout with cancer..After a few years, drinking the wine became a chore and I would occasionally skip the recommended ‘1 to 2 glasses per day..

    When I moved back to the island, a new nephrologist said that while the advice of the prior one was valid ‘at the time’, research has shown that not drinking is better for me.. and since I am running now with 3/4 of a kidney, [after the second bout],I will follow her advice.. It has been several years now since my last drink of wine [rum went by the wayside a couple of decades back]..

    All this is to say that I enjoyed it while it was in my life; but now .. not so much.. LOL

    But as to blogs… I read only one John.. and that is yours.. and O enjoy each and every post my friend.. There are those of us who learn something pretty much every time you make a post..


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  2. In one of his recent posts, my Texan mate Dick Stout, in reply to a contributor, says,
    “[I] have come to the conclusion that the majority of today’s detectorists don’t want to hear from an 80 year old guy who has trouble getting down and up. It’s a new era and a different breed of hunter [searcher] …”
    Judging by the response to my blog posts, I THINK HE’S RIGHT.


  3. Apparently Dionysus and I have a lot in common……..after too much wine, I usually end up being naked as well! LOL….

    Keep the blog going John, I have to learn new things somehow!

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  4. I would like to spend more time writing, but unfortunately, time is not something I do not have a lot of. I appreciate those, like yourself, who can keep up with it. I do, however, find time to drink a glass or two of wine from time to time. Priorities.

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