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Don’t see any of the clone guys digging holes! I‘d up-sticks and try somewhere else.

Thoughts on Detecting at Random. Random is a beach resort in Cornwall.
Just made that up. Picture: joyreacter

One of the popular posts (now unavailable) on my last site had 43 comments. I have updated it for the current clientele and it makes another appearance. Same name, different content: Random Thoughts – of a Metal Detectorist .

They (well, one of my friends) has asked me to reprise the post on the ‘Vulgar Penny’ and, no doubt, it will surface later – depending on the results of the simple poll below.

History Myths Debunked

Sometimes I have a temporary failure to think clearly. This lapse of concentration happens to all venerable men. Take my Texan doppelgänger Dick Stout for example, who is particularly well-endowed. Not only has he aged well but along the way he has piled on the wisdom and secretes oodles of character. When HE cannot reason correctly, he uses a phrase that he taught me – BRAIN FART. You’ve just been reading one! Check out his blog HERE.

Sorry, I have strayed again. Over the years people have used my work from the Net and passed it off as their own even though I say in my blog:

And it’s happened again. Whilst perusing the Net I noticed that a blogger in the ‘Wild West’ state of America had used MY illustration of the different pennies and credited the picture to someone called Matt Phillips. I contacted the lady and explained the situation. She was very apologetic and immediately credited the guy who originally photographed the pennies-me.

Most of the images and words on this blog are my own. Where images have come from external sources I have aimed to credit and link back to the original source to respect the owner’s copyright. If you think I’ve missed anything please get in touch and I’ll rectify it straight away. Likewise, if you’d like to use any of my images please just let me know. Thank you and enjoy!

Another ‘Theft’

I have several examples of picture purloining to choose from – I’ve topped the bill in Warsaw Wally’s infamous blog many times. He calls me the ‘Grumpy old Detectorist – amongst other delightful names – who lives in Tekkie La-La-Land’.

This guy has attacked me many times before and used to sprinkle his posts with the picture of a snowman. Geddit? When I pointed out to him that this showed little merit, he manipulated my caricature to show an old man with a stick. Eventually it was taken down.

“P*** B*** has built himself a sinister reputation roaming around metal detecting forums causing vexatious problems … he is not your friend … he is dangerous.”

Dave Welch of ‘Classical Coins’

Sorting – again and again

I am sorting out my affairs plus the cornucopia of detecting stuff in my study. And, although I’m just the impatient director of operations: it is very distressing for both the three of us 🙂 I really don’t know where everything will end up. I’ve still got almost every issue of that great metal detecting magazine, The Searcher. The guy who wanted them seems to have changed his mind. I imagine a skip on the drive when I’m gone – unless you are passing Winter Mansions to have a coffee, check out my study and see what’s on offer. Select that rare book – anything – and a small donation to the Florence Nightingale Hospice will be gratefully received.

Could be Tidier!

The old’uns are the best

I once had a slim book of funny illustrations called, The Perils of Metal Detecting, author unknown, but I can’t locate it in my study or the Net. I used this cartoon many years ago. Can’t find the details anywhere. Can you help? I may have given it away as a prize in one of my competitions.

I would like to credit this cartoon to the artist

3 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

  1. As always, John, another wonderful post..

    I vaguely remember that cartoon.. I saw it many years back in a Western

    and Eastern Treasures if memory serves.. But who knows.. they may have pirated it from you.. 🙂

    And just who is ‘Warsaw Willie’? He sounds like a bitter person ..

    Hope all is well with you

    Canada is finally starting to emerge from this Covid nightmare.. who knows.. if my health holds out, you may get an unexpected visitor..


    Liked by 2 people

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