Australian Trench Art

‘Trench art’ is a term that embraces a wide variety of objects made from the debris and by-products of modern warfare. These items are chiefly associated with the First World War, although similar items have been produced in many conflicts.

The term is probably a misnomer as it is doubtful whether items were ever made in the trenches, but by servicemen to pass time when not in the front line. I would have thought that some of the more sophisticated examples required metal- working skills and workshop facilities.

The following artefacts were found in the vicinity of old Australian WW2 campsites. Rob Canavan of Brisbane thought that ihe had uncovered another piece of scrap metal, but after giving the item a few wipes he discovered an intriguing item made from an Aussie ‘kangaroo’ penny.

‘Kangaroo’ Penny

Kim (aka Coin Ranger) also found one very similar, but from a different location. He wondered if both had been fashioned by the same soldier and how many were made. He reckoned that it would take real talent and no two would be the same. Could it have been a little money-maker on the side, selling to other soldiers?

Adapted from an article first published here in 2012.

5 thoughts on “Australian Trench Art

  1. Very cool John.. I have one piece of trench art that traded for.. I will post a picture on our site… But as much as I love my military badges, and pips, sweetheart badges and trench art are just a bit higher in my view.

    Thank you for this my friend


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