Son of the Soil


In the days of antiquity when we were full of vim and vigour Mrs John and I gave talks about the hobby to organisations like retired Unison workers, University of the Third Age, Women’s Institutes, schools and others. We subsequently wrote about the experience in a detecting magazine.

Bob Batten of Kings Norton in Birmingham was inspired to write after reading ‘John and Lynda’s great article’ on giving such a talk. Bob said that he identified with our wonderful experience of sharing the hobby with others.

He continued: “A change of career ten years ago as a gardener radically changed my life. I came to the sudden realisation that the past was to be found in the soil.”

On holiday in Majorca Bob found a seven hundred year old hammered coin of Peter IV just lying on the surface and, nearer to home, a Victorian toothpaste lid half hidden on the canal towpath. As a gardener, he was very aware and always looked out for objects when working the soil.

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