Metal Detecting Videos

Taking Umbrage

I’ve been under the weather lately and as a result don’t have a blog for your delight and delectation. Instead I am going to repeat a post that garnered a lot of attention at the time and had over 40 comments. Apologies to my regular subscribers who will have read this before but maybe you will enjoy it second time around. It will be new to some …

WARNING – Don’t read any further if you can’t laugh at yourself
If you are an easily offended detectorist/videographer with a recent humourdectomy operation, I suggest that you give this blog a miss … make a coffee, have a spliff, go fishing or summat.

Does anyone agree with me that 95% of videos made by detectorists whilst on a dig are crap and not worth watching? They fail to engage with the audience. Gone are the times when a day’s detecting meant carrying no more than a machine of your choice, a spade and wearing sturdy boots.

Today, it is essential that you kit yourself out like a budding documentary maker and record every button and buckle for your legion of followers to drool over. Make your bliddy mind up. Are you a metal detectorist or a videographer?

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