Minelab Advertising

Minelab have always been innovative and different when advertising new detectors. They can be proud of their heritage. There are almost 40 firms world wide counterfeiting their machines – I am not at all surprised!

I remember seeing the amazing and successful launch of the Equinox series of machines at Detectival 2017. The [new] Minelab EQUINOX literally came out of the sky. Superb advertising and unsurpassed.

The EQUINOX has Landed

“To the treasure hunter, the gold prospector, the protector: We know your quest.”

The EQUINOX arrives in style

An Apology

In a dynamic full page advert from 20 years ago Minelab wrote:  “APOLOGY. Sorry! We could not imagine that so many of you would fall in love with it! Minelab wishes to apologise to all of our valued customers and dealers for delays in the supply of the Explorer . . .  While we were excited about the Explorer’s outstanding quality and performance, we could not predict at the time of the announcement it would have such an immediate impact on the world market.” Alas, the Explorer and Explorer II are no longer in production but I remember them with affection. They were my first Minelab machines.

EXPLORER II. Released May 2003. Now discontinued

Sold Out!

“In just 12 days, all of the first 3 months stock sold out! The demand for the Explorer has been amazing and beyond expectations. We are since working very hard with our suppliers to meet demand, which we believe, is unprecedented in our valued supporters, customers and dealers.

To our valued supporters, customers and dealers, we thank you for your patience. We will do everything possible to meet your needs. We recommend you contact your nearest dealer today and put your name in, so that you too can own one of the industry’s most exciting products for many years.”

For most of the year 2002, the Minelab advert featured the following quote from Derek Critoph [Coinshooter and Old Fart]

The Off – DETECTIVAL 2017 – All pictures courtesy of Minelab

6 thoughts on “Minelab Advertising

  1. The years fly by it doesn’t seem that far back when I got the Minelab Explorer XS they were a great revelation to detecting at good depths, when the Minelab Explorer II came out I traded in my Explorer XS for the Mark II and I still have this detector in my armoury to this day. Great reminiscing John, take care.

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  2. Here in Australia we knew when the Easter holidays were coming. Minelab dealers would start announcing the large nuggets found recently.
    I think some had been under a bed for years.
    The countdown clock for the Minelab pinpointer was popular.

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  3. I had an explorer as well, John… although to be fair, I called it an exploder…. I must have got a Monday morning or Friday afternoon one.. it was continually breaking in one form or another.

    But when it worked, it did work very well…

    That introduction to the Equinox with the parachute I felt was rather cheezey though


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