Bucks Museum & Lenborough Hoard

In 2014 Weekend Wanderers organised a dig at Lenborough in Buckinghamshire. Detectorist Paul Coleman discovered over 5,250 Anglo-Saxon coins located in a lead container. They were subsequently valued at £1.35 million by the Treasure Valuation Committee. Bucks Museum wished to keep them in the county and Brett Thorn, Keeper of Archaeology, made an appeal for pledges from local people and organisations. The bulk of the money would come from national grant giving charities. Additionally the Museum raised over £50,000 locally to secure the coins for BucksT

The Lenborough hoard of over 5200 Anglo-Saxon silver pennies was found in 2014. After a major fundraising appeal, the hoard was saved for the public. In the video, Dr Gareth Williams, a Curator at the British Museum and Brett Thorn share information on this fantastic hoard.
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Preserving your digital memories

I have expressed concern on earlier occasions that digital images of detecting finds (for example) may not be available for viewing in the future. You can put a book on a shelf or a picture in a box and (if kept dry and safe) look at it many years later. The same is not true with a digital object because the format in which you view may become obsolete. This is why, in many cases, digital materials are considered more fragile than physical ones. 

Magnificent Mosaic

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