The Oldest Trade in the World

No, not that. Flint knapping is perhaps the oldest trade in existence, dating back to the Stone Age when arrow heads were chipped from pieces of flint. Probably the best exponent of the art in the UK is Will Lord who has been involved in knapping and prehistoric technology since 1975. I was privileged to see him in action [thanks to Jon Adkin] during a metal detecting rally held East Sussex a few years ago. Please click HERE to learn more about Will. There is a wealth of information and videos on to Net. This is simply an introduction to a remarkable guy.

Will Lord is a leading expert on prehistoric survival skills.

Will Lord at the Firle rally showing how to knap flint.
Curious Detectorist Onlookers

Willing Pupils

Jeff Hatt, Brian Cross and A N other studiously try their hand at flint knapping

To learn how to knap flint well will take more than the half hour or so I was allowed, but it was a great experience. Start here by seeing what the BBC had to say about Will in 2021.

One thought on “The Oldest Trade in the World

  1. What an odd circumstance, John.. Bruce literally just made a post about knapping and arrowheads on the forum.. A real talent there to be able to do that.. I wish I could post photos for you… But have a look on the forum under Native tools and artefacts..

    Fascinating stuff indeed


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