The Thinkers’ Drink

Florence Nightingales Nectar

Did you know that some restaurants refuse to list Pinot Grigio by the glass, because it will sell too much, and they want to sell other (more expensive) wines? True.

I attend the day centre at the Florence Nightingale Hospice, in the grounds of Stoke Mandeville Hospital. Some people have a vision of hospices as quiet and gloomy places where the very ill go to spend their final days. This couldn’t be further from the truth and not in my experience.

In reality, hospices are full of life and compassion. They are places people can go to for specialist care and all kinds of support, and where families and friends are always welcome. And it’s not like being in a hospital.

On my first day I spied something that looked incongruous in such a setting: so out of place – and that was a trolley heavily laden with wine, beer and spirits. Strange, I thought. Perhaps I’d missed the monthly Bacchanalian orgy the night before. I wish!

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