The Campaign Medal

Detectorists will go to extraordinary lengths to return items they have found to the original owners or their families. This isn’t always easy and often involves diligence, detective work worthy of a Sherlock, and a great deal of luck. The story I am about to unfold has all of those ingredients plus a ‘twist’ that makes it just a little different.

Medal with Northern Ireland Clasp

The Northern Ireland Campaign medal -sometimes referred to as the General Service Medal [GSM] was found in Northumberland by detectorist Jimmy Morse. Every fine detecting story seems to involve a ‘walking back to the car’ phrase and this is no exception.

Jimmy had been detecting for about four hours in a paddock he had searched many times before and was finding the usual junk. He decided to call it a day. Then, “I found something about 4” down that turned out to be a black and encrusted medal”, he told me.

The medal was nestling with other personal items, and an attempt had been made to burn them. Jimmy was intrigued to know how they had ended up in the corner of a Northumbrian field. “After cleaning, a name and number could be seen on the side. I posted the details on a Facebook (FB) detecting site, in the hope of finding the rightful owner as keeping it was never an option.” Picture shows Jimmy Morse.

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