Dave said: “I had never come across a place that offered safety, comfort and support until I discovered and subscribed to John’s blog”.

You will find posts about metal detecting matters on here, but perhaps the approach is different to what you might expect; I will occasionally talk about other subjects that take my fancy …

After a number of problems all designed to cause me maximum angst, I reckon that I’m back … in a fashion. But it won’t be business as usual, at least not for a while.

Briefly, I lost all my original blogposts and the complete archive is irretrievable from my old site, Fortunately I discovered an Internet archive that enabled me to find some of my posts, but not all. Please note that most of these original posts are posted in other places, but you won’t be able to retrieve them

I won’t be able to retrieve all of my posts (and I wouldn’t want to), but hopefully some of the important ones will still be there. Over the coming months I shall try to retrieve those that many of you have deemed ‘a valuable resource’, and intersperse with new material. Any comments made on older posts at the time won’t appear. The new address is

I apologise to any of my followers who may not wish to receive posts that they have seen before and remind them that they can easily opt out of receiving emails.